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Belgium in a nutshell


French, Dutch and German are Belgium's three official languages. An invisible linguistic border divides the country roughly into two parts : the French speaking South and the Dutch-speaking North. There is also a German-speaking community along the German border. Brussels is an important bilingual entity (French-Dutch), with a French-speaking majority. Apart from a few exceptions, the other regions are monolingual

The Climate

The climate may not be the reason why you have chosen to study in Liège. Belgium is known for its changing skies. The climate is often unpredictable. The temperature may vary widely from day to day. Winters are usually mild, and summers usually quite pleasant, if not hot.

Cost of living

To meet everyday living expenses a single student should have at least 600 € per month at his/her disposal. To this amount he/she should add study-related costs (books, etc.)

Price of some standard commodities:

  • Loaf of cut bread: 1,90 € - 2 €
  • French fries (from stalls): 1,80 - 2 €
  • Glass of beer (in cafés): 1,80 €
  • One course meal in a restaurant (single dish): from 9 €
  • Fast food meal or salads: 3,50 - 8,50 €
  • Pizzeria: from 7 €
  • Cinema ticket: 7 - 8 € (less in some cinemas: Le Parc, Le Churchill, Le Sauvenière and in cine-clubs)
  • Daily newspaper: 1,20 €
  • National prior stamp: 0,77 €
  • International prior stamp: Europe: 1,13€ - rest of the world: 1,34 €
  • Bus ticket: 1,90 € - 8-journey card (within city area): 8,80€

Source : Welcome guide for exchange students 2013-2014


HEC-ULg Liège

HEC-ULiège Management School is the result of a successful synergy between a public university (ULiège) and a private college of higher education (HEC) and it is the school where you will "study". Visit the official website !

ULiège Erasmus IN

ULiège Erasmus IN

Set up in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of the Euregio, the ULiège’s global outlook is one of its priorities. This intention is shown by a series of concrete initiatives. Incoming exchange student ? Visit the ULiège's website !

City of Liège

Liège, a city, a spirit. As the most important tourist city in Wallonia, Liège has innumerable riches in store waiting to be discovered. Visit the city of Liège's website !