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Team ESN HEC 2016-2017


Nicolas Ancion

2nd Master in Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovation Projects

  • Mail : nicolasancion1@gmail.com

  • Back from an Erasmus in Sevilla
  • "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." -S.A
  • Let's get drunk in your future favourite place: le Carré !
  • I'm the TAC


Brieuc Habets

1st Master in Economic Sciences and Law

  • Mail : brieuc_habets@me.com

  • Lived in Mexico for a year and did an Erasmus in Ghent, always up to travel, adventure seeker
  • Next semester in Erasmus in South Korea
  • Implicated in several youth organisations
  • Community doesn't build itself, let's go hang out and have some beers
Fabio Claros

2nd master in Social Enterprise Management

  • Mail : f.claros@hotmail.be

  • Back from an Erasmus in Mexico.
  • Languages : Spanish, French and English.
  • Sportive, always dynamic and present to share some drinks.
  • Internship for the second semester so the first one will be my last and the craziest one.
  • The sum up of your erasmus will be "Pas le temps de niaiser" - Albert de MonteCristo
  • so be prepared to live the semester of your epic life !!!!
  • You will never meet an other crazy spicy Chilean man.
  • I am the TIC


Laureen Madej

2nd Master in Digital Marketing and Sales Management

  • Mail : laureen.madej@gmail.com

  • Internship next semester
  • This mini-person with her baby face is not that wise... Once she is on the dance floor, she becomes a real little devil. Goofy, bubbly, always smiling and in a sociable mood, she would always thought the joke that will give you a giggle

Communication Team

Mathilde Biscotti

1st Master in Human Resources

  • Mail : mathilde.biscotti@gmail.com

  • Lived in Australia as a traveler during 8 months
  • Sportive, open-minded, most of the time a beer in hand
  • May your Erasmus be full of inappropriate behavior and fun !
Thomas Weigert

1st Master in Financial Analysis and Audit

  • Mail : thomas.weigert@hotmail.be

  • Languages : Dutch, English and French
  • I am always in good mood, talkative, available and joker.
  • If you need anything, feel free to contact me !
  • By the way, I am a fitness instructor so if you want to do some sport, just ask !

Accommodation Team

Maxime Claes

1st Master in Business Engineering

  • Mail : maximeclaes5@hotmail.com

  • After an unforgettable Erasmus experience in Hong Kong,
  • can't wait to show you how we party in Belgium.
  • ALready heavily looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends from all over the world
Pierre Peigneux

2nd Bachelor in Economic Sciences

  • Mail : pierre.peigneux@hotmail.com

  • Bless this year with love, success, laughter, good friends and good beers. en Sevilla

Sponsoring Team

Julien Caels

3rd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : julien.caels@gmail.com

  • I don't have the privilege to see you in this beginning of the year,
  • I'm spending my Erasmus in Mérida, Mexico for the whole semester.
  • Don't worry, we will see each other in the second half of the year
  • I'm always up to do parties, for a drink or to travel
  • Languages : French, English and Spanish
  • Also implicated in several youth organisations
  • Nos vemos pronto, fuegooooo!
Lionel Cloes

2nd Bachelor in Economic Sciences

  • Mail : l.cloes@student.ulg.ac.be

  • Enjoying life, always in a good mood, reliable, I'm always free to help you !
  • "Be proud of yourself, it's the beginning of hapiness !
  • You can call me Mireille.
Valeria Salvetti

2nd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : svmsalvetti@gmail.com

  • Languages : French, Spanish, English and a bit of German
  • Can't wait to show you the Belgian vibes (and the latinos ones too!)
  • Need some help? Feel free to contact me.
  • Any reason is a good reason to party and danceee
  • Looking forward to meet you all
  • "Of course you can dance"
  • Vodka

Travels Team

Justine Meeckers

1st Master in Supply Chain Management

  • Mail : justine_448@hotmail.com

  • I decided to join the ESN team last year.
  • Having spent a year abroad, I became an adventure seeker and I learned to rub shoulders with students from all over the world, which became a real passion.
  • Sportive, always in a good mood, sociable and greedy are adjectives that define me perfectly.
  • I am also often up to party because I don't want events to happen without me !
  • Erasmus in Taïwan the first semester
Merry Moreaux

Bachelor in Business Engineering

  • Mail :merry.moreaux@hotmail.com

  • Always smiling, laughing and in a good mood! Don't be shy, It's time to drink and dance on the table with us!!
  • Don't worry, Liege is the best place for that.
  • "If you follow the rules, you miss all the fun!"
  • I'm looking forward to meeting youuu!
Frédéric Bethume

2nd Bachelor in Business Engineering

  • Mail : bethume.frederic@gmail.com

  • Even though I'm a fresh new member of the ESN Team,
  • I'm ready to do my best so as to help you to discover in the most Belgian way the best places in Belgium.
  • Always in the mood to sweat on the dancefloor all night long, doing sports or take the first plane to go wherever you want

Events Team

Valentine Davreux

1st Master in Audit Financial Analysis

  • Mail : valentine_davreux@hotmail.com

  • Erasmus this first semester in Groningen
  • Always smiling and in a good mood, I love to party and meet new people.
  • Can't wait to spend time and party with you !
  • "No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep"
Céline Grodent

2nd Master in Performance Management and Control

  • Mail : cece.grodent@hotmail.com

  • Back from an Erasmus in Hasselt and a Summer School in Hong Kong.
  • Love to go to the movies, eat, travel and party
  • Can't wait to drink fruity beers with you (or male beers, I am OK with both)
Clara Bloquiau

3rd Bachelor in Economic Sciences

  • Mail : bloquiauc@gmail.com

  • I like to travel and meet new people
  • I'm Always up to do parties, you'll find me on the dancefloor
  • Trust me, you'll never forget your erasmus in Liège!

Welcome Team

Verónica Urbán Lozano

3rd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : urbanlozano.vero@gmail.com

  • Do you need some help ? Do you want to party or have a drink ? I’m here.
  • I’m sociable, motivated, and I’ll do what I can to make sure that your semester will be the best of your life !
  • Can't wait to meet you all !
François Hussin

2nd Master in Business Engineering

  • Mail : francoishussin@hotmail.com

  • My hobbies are sports, partying, travelling and meeting new people.
  • I'm always up to do parties !
  • Feel free to ask me whatever you want (grrrrr...)
  • Don't worry Liège is the best choice you could ever make!
Mathilde Chapelier

3rd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : mathilde.chap@gmail.com

  • Erasmus in Lisbon in the first semester
  • I love dancing, hanging out with friends and travelling
  • Feel free to contact me. I can't wait to party with you during the second semester
  • Enjoy the little things!


Quentin Nahoe

Master in Entrepreunariat

  • Mail : quentin.nahoe@gmail.com

  • This tall man is ready to show you all the good plans of our wonderful city.
  • If you ever want to do sport, to party or even to chill out... don't hesitate :)
  • He speaks English, Spanish and obviously French
  • Last year, but not the least !

HEC-ULg Liège

HEC-ULg Management School is the result of a successful synergy between a public university (ULg) and a private college of higher education (HEC) and it is the school where you will "study". Visit the official website !

ULg Erasmus IN

ULg Erasmus IN

Set up in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of the Euregio, the ULg’s global outlook is one of its priorities. This intention is shown by a series of concrete initiatives. Incoming exchange student ? Visit the ULg's website !

City of Liège

City of Liège

Liège, a city, a spirit. As the most important tourist city in Wallonia, Liège has innumerable riches in store waiting to be discovered. Visit the city of Liège's website !