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Team ESN HEC 2017-2018


Valentine Davreux

2nd Master in Audit and Financial Analysis

  • Mail : valentine_davreux@hotmail.com

  • I spent an Erasmus in Groningen last year and will do an internship during the 2nd semester
  • Always smiling and in a good mood, I love to party and meet new people.
  • Can't wait to spend time and party with you !
  • "No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep"


Lionel Cloes

3rd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : l.cloes@student.ulg.ac.be

  • Enjoying life, always in a good mood, reliable, I'm always free to help you !
  • "Be proud of yourself, it's the beginning of happiness !
  • You can call me Mireille.


Mathilde Biscotti

2nd Master in Human Resources

  • Mail : mathilde.biscotti@gmail.com

  • Lived in Australia as a traveler during 8 months
  • Sportive, open-minded, most of the time a beer in hand
  • May your Erasmus be full of inappropriate behavior and fun !

Welcome Team

Mathilde Chapelier

1st Master in Social Enterprise Management

  • Mail : mathilde.chap@gmail.com

  • Erasmus in Lisbon last year
  • I love dancing, hanging out with friends and travelling
  • Feel free to contact me. I can't wait to party with you during the second semester
Merry Moreaux

Master 1 in Business Engineering

  • Mail :merry.moreaux@hotmail.com

  • Always smiling, laughing and in a good mood! Don't be shy, It's time to drink and dance on the table with us!!
  • Don't worry, Liege is the best place for that.
  • "If you follow the rules, you miss all the fun!"
  • I'm looking forward to meeting youuu!
  • Erasmus in Finland 1st semester
Lucas Prosman

2nd bachelor business administration

  • It's my first year in the ESN family, but it will certainly not be the last!
  • Ready to meet all of you with a big smile and also sharing our different cultures!
  • Don't feel shy to ask anything you want, I already wish you the best in our wonderful city of Liège.
  • See you soon ;)

Event Team

Clara Bloquiau

3rd Bachelor in Economic Sciences

  • Mail : bloquiauc@gmail.com

  • I like to travel and meet new people
  • I'm Always up to do parties, you'll find me on the dancefloor
  • Trust me, you'll never forget your erasmus in Liège!
Louis Grommen

1st Master in Business Administration

  • Hey there ! I'm currently on Erasmus in Austria !
  • But then, when I'll be back in February, I will be ready to make your nights out craaaazyyyy !
  • See you soon and feel free to contact me !
  • Also IT Manager
Tom Senterre

2nd bachelor business administration

  • I am definitely motivated to make tour trip here in Liège unforgatable.
  • I am ready to help you all over this upcoming year, so feel free to ask me if I can be of any use.
  • I love partying, travelling and, last but not least, share a beer with a foreigner !

Accomodation Team

Pierre Peigneux

3rd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : pierre.peigneux@hotmail.com

  • It's my second year in the ESN-HEC team.
  • Always ready to help, to do sports or to have a drink and party!
  • I'm sur you'll enjoy your stay much moooore than you can imagine, so let's do it properly! :D
Frédéric Bethume

3rd Bachelor in Business Engineering

  • Mail : bethume.frederic@gmail.com

  • Erasmus in Japan 1st semester.
  • I'm ready to do my best so as to help you to discover in the most Belgian way the best places in Belgium.
  • Always in the mood to sweat on the dancefloor all night long, doing sports or take the first plane to go wherever you want

Travels Team

Maxime Claes

1st Master in Business Engineering

  • Mail : maximeclaes5@hotmail.com

  • After an unforgettable Erasmus experience in Hong Kong,
  • can't wait to show you how we party in Belgium.
  • ALready heavily looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends from all over the world
Guillaume Gerkens

1st Master in Industrial and Business Engineering

  • Mail : g_gerkens@hotmail.com

  • This is my first year as a member of the ESN HEC team, but I’m absolutely ready to help you anyway I can.
  • I was actually in your place last year as Erasmus student in Germany and I know very well how important it is to find a helping hand at your arrival in a foreign place.
  • I can imagine what your needs are and what can make your experience even more wonderful!
  • I love partying, travelling, practising and watching sports!
  • Just can't wait meeting all of you and please : feel free to contact me !
Louise Tassin

2nd Bachelor in Business Engineering

  • Languages : Français, English, Nederlands y Espanol (un poco).
  • It may be my first year as a member of the team but I am super excited and motivated !
  • I can't wait to meet you, discover your culture and share mine (which includes beer and chocolate)
  • Feel free to contact me anytime, I am here to help (and party with you)! :D "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

Communication team

Emilie Decembry

2nd Master Economics & Finance

  • Mail :emilie.decembry@gmail.com

  • First year taking part in ESN HEC and ready to put the fire on the dancefloor !!
  • Smiling, proud of my city & chocolate addicted
  • Food lover: if you need any tips about where to go and eat waffles, belgium fries or where to buy belgium specialities, just come and ask me ;)
  • Always connected: don't hesistate to contact me( Internship 2nd semester)
Bernard Otto

1st Master in Digital Marketing & Sales Management

  • Mail : Bernard_otto@hotmail.com

  • This is going to be my first year as a member of the ESN team but trust me, I’m going to make it huge!
  • Of course I like parties but I’m also a huge sport’s fan!
  • If you need help or if you want to do sport, feel free to contact me, grab a beer and meet me at the bar!
  • (Erasmus in Lithuania 1st semester)

Sponsoring team

Thomas Weigert

2nd Master in Financial Analysis and Audit

  • Mail : thomas.weigert@hotmail.be

  • Languages : Dutch, English and French
  • I am always in good mood, talkative, available and joker.
  • If you need anything, feel free to contact me !
  • By the way, I am a fitness instructor so if you want to do some sport, just ask !
Julien Caels

1st Master

  • Mail : julien.caels@gmail.com

  • I don't have the privilege to see you in this beginning of the year,
  • Last year I did an erasmus in Mérida, in Mexico during the first semester.
  • Don't worry, we will see each other in the second half of the year
  • I'm always up to do parties, for a drink or to travel
  • Languages : French, English and Spanish
  • Also implicated in several youth organisations
  • Nos vemos pronto, fuegooooo!
Valeria Salvetti

2nd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : svmsalvetti@gmail.com

  • Languages : French, Spanish, English and a bit of German
  • Can't wait to show you the Belgian vibes (and the latinos ones too!)
  • Need some help? Feel free to contact me.
  • Any reason is a good reason to party and danceee
  • Looking forward to meet you all
  • "Of course you can dance"
  • Vodka
François Conté

2nd Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Mail : frans2305@gmail.com

  • This is my first year as a member of the ESN HEC team and I couldn’t be more ready to help you as much as I can !
  • I want to make your trip here in Liège unforgettable.
  • I look forward seeing all of you ( with belgian beer) and sharing our different cultures as well !
  • Don't hesitate to ask me everything you want. I already wish you the best in our wonderful city. See you soon! 😉

HEC-ULg Liège

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ULiège Erasmus IN

ULiège Erasmus IN

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